6 Ways to Get Even the Most Difficult Clients On Board

Tough customers, tough cookies…however you want to say it.  We all experience them, no matter what industry we play in.  We can look at it like a dance, and sometimes its just not that graceful.  Here’s some great tips from … Read More

Customer Service Workshop – Part 3 of 3

So we’ve come to final leg of my Customer Service Workshop.  I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of seats eagerly awaiting the remaining questions 😉  Remember this is just to bring awareness to your customer service efforts.  What … Read More

Customer Service Workshop – Part 2 of 3

Welcome back from the long weekend everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends AND lots of bbq-ing.  The end of last month I posted part 1 of my 3 part series on customer service. … Read More

Customer Service Workshop – Part 1 of 3

Welcome to part 1 of our 3 part series that helps you take a deeper look into how your customer service stacks up.  In what areas do you excel?  Where do you think you can improve?  Feel free to leave … Read More