Connie Whitman

Known for her high-energy, passionate and enthusiastic approach to teaching and coaching, Connie Whitman helps ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders and sales teams build powerhouse organizations to achieve wildly outrageous goals.

An international speaker and influencer, Connie’s inspired teaching and transformational tools and content ensures entrepreneurs and salespeople grow their revenue streams through enhanced internal and external communication skills while developing strong relationship based cultures.


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Grow Your Sales Volume By Leveraging Your Centers of Influence


Coaching Leaders Build Powerhouse Teams – What Are You Doing?

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What Is Your Customer Service Saying About Your Brand?

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7 Steps to Sales Success

 I want you to think of Relationship Selling as selling with your heart or selling through LOVE!  Okay, now you think I am Polly Anna. The reality is people do business with people who care about them.  When you sell with your heart wide open and fully integrate yourself with the human in front of you, you will less likely be influenced to make a sale that does not benefit both you and the client.