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Whitman & Associate’s strategies will grow your sales, increase your Centers of Influences (COI’s) and help you stand alone when compared to your competitors. Build long-lasting clients that choose you to serve them time and time again by building professional friendships that benefit you and them for years.

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About Connie

Connie Whitman works with organizational leaders that manage earnest, energetic sales people who are ready to crush their goals―once they get their sales communication right. Her passion is teaching them to lead with authentic, caring, honest, and directness so clients say “Yes with career-building consistency.

It’s hard for leaders to understand each employee’s hidden communication talents and challenges. To eliminate sales frustration ― getting teams to be more proactive, and to live an entrepreneurial sales philosophy, Connie’s simplifies the sales process by using an easy to use step-by-step plan that builds relationships for individuals, teams and organizations as a whole.
Working with her, sales people discover the 7-Step Sales Process for building long-lasting client relationships. That way, participants shed past sticking points and challenges and leverage their communication superpowers for a two-way relationship that brings deep satisfaction and excitement for what’s next.

Today, Connie believes her 35 years of sales success comes from how she was raised by her loving parents. They taught her that using honest communication, doing the right thing, and showing up by working hard creates a life to be proud of. And that’s why she gets so excited when sales people finally realize they can look beyond their quotas and create greater success by focusing on authentic communication with ALL clients from a helpful, caring place that elevates their authority and expertise. Connie is president and CEO of her consulting firm, Whitman & Associates, founded in 2001 to serve leaders in organizations. She is an active member of eWomens Network,
World Economic Forum, and other international organizations. And Connie earned her Bachelor’s in Finance from Rutgers University and MBA in Finance from Monmouth University.

She is also excited to share her radio show (podcast) – Enlightenment of Change as a free resource to leaders and folks looking to fast track their careers. Connie loves to watch her two college age boys play hockey and spends as much free time with her feet in the sand at the Jersey Shore.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • George Celentano SVP, Director of Retail Banking Spencer Savings Bank

    When a business has the need to work with a consultant, choosing the “right” consultant is extremely important! Connie is truly a different breed. I have worked with many different consultants over the years, and I mostly got what I paid for, a consultant. However, Connie is not just a consultant, she is also your “partner”. She is all about building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with everyone she interacts with and she takes a personal interest in not only your company’s success but your employee’s success. The “value” she brings to the table is well worth the investment and I strongly recommend her for your training needs!

  • Sherilyn Przelomski, SHRM-SCP CEO, Business Enhancement Services & Training Consulting, LLC

    I highly recommend Connie as a speaker for professional development events. Connie was the spotlight speaker at the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Women In Business Luncheon. Her presentation was interactive, impacting and inspiring. She actively engaged the audience and delivered knowledge and action steps to apply to their business, and to their personal lives. Attendees left the Luncheon with new perspectives that were a positive impact. Connie is passionate, energetic, and connects to business professionals and the community instantly.

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