Growth Through Imagination

Coaching & Leadership Training to Improve Sales Performance

Sales Training

Grow your client base using our proven 7-step relationship based sale process. Whitman & Associates' strategies will grow your sales, increase your Centers of Influences (COI’s) and help you stand above your competitors. Build long-lasting clients that choose you to serve them time and time again by building professional friendships that benefit you and them for years.

Coaching & Leadership Training

Effective coaching skills and coaching conversations, are critical to create and support Organizational Cultures. Whitman & Associates can help develop your leaders and culture to support your team. Learn how to better connect, understand and deliver quallity conversations using our Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™

Customer Service

Customer Service is an Experience. Excellent customer service is your ONLY option. Your customers demand it, your employees expect it, and your culture requires it. Whitman & Assoicates partners with you to create customer service learning opportunities for your team.

Our Approach

Whitman & Associates’ goal is to build a relationship with you and teach the members of your sales force the philosophy and importance of relationship-based selling skills. We look at the end result and back into the most cost-effective game plan customized to fit your budget and build on your established sales and service culture.

We Look at the End Result and Work Backwards

We look at the end result and back into the most cost effective game plan customized to fit your budget and build on your established sales and service culture.

We Walk in Your Shoes First for Proper Delivery

We put ourselves in your sales’ team shoes to see what your message is and how you need to deliver the topics. We change our delivery, on the spot, based on the needs of each classroom setting. With over 27 years in sales and sales management we have learned how to shift gears in order to deliver the information at the appropriate level.

We Partner with You Until Your Long Term Goals Are Achieved

Our team can partner with your organization to establish a Leveled Evaluation Process to ensure the learning sticks after the investment of time and money has been made.

Our Relationship Based Process


All good communicators plan well in advance what they will say during the meeting.

Rapport Building

Establish the climate in which the service and sales take place and your credibility as a professional.


Discover as much as you can about the client and his or her situation in order to have a complete picture of their needs and wants.


Concentrate and stay focused on what the other person is really saying. This is the hardest step for most.


Recommend a specific product or package of products.

Confirming the Sale

Make the sale official, by asking for the business.


Your goal is to see if the customer is satisfied and happy with his or her decision and to see if you can cross-sell any additional products/service based on your previous conversations.

Our Philosophies

  • If the participants are awake and having fun, they will learn, and more importantly, will actually feel comfortable in the future to use the skills learned.
  • Our manuals are a resource for your sales teams once back in the field. This resource is very detailed with additional information that builds on topics discussed in the classroom. We do not just provide copies of the PowerPoint slide show as the take-home material from a training session.
  • Our most important philosophy is that real learning begins once each participant re-enters the field. This is where he or she tries out the new skills and behaviors in real-life situations. We partner with your organization to build the proper infrastructure to support these skills and behaviors.

Success Stories

Growth Through Imagination

First off, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts with my region’s training over the past 2 days. The sessions were dynamic, energized, fun for all, and informative. I believe the participants took away a lot of valuable skills and resources from the training. Many thanks.
- Al Giobbie
Regional Manager
I had a great time. It was fun, informative and full of energy. I feel I am ready to execute my sales plan with a better understanding of going out there and having a good profile on my prospect and most of all being prepared. Thanks so much.
- Sarah Mancinelli
I have to say that you made the class more enjoyable than I would have ever imagined. I went into the course with doubts of my ability and confidence, and came out with an increased comfort level. You made me feel like I could do this! Your style is wonderful…don’t ever change!
Here at The Guilford Savings Bank, we are always looking for ways to enhance and grow our sales and service skills. I believe that anyone looking to re-enforce and/or grow their current skills level would greatly benefit from your course. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in future training courses with you
- Monica Gallo
Manager, The Guilford Savings Bank
I LOVED the class! I learned a lot from Connie. She is awesome, the class is awesome. The way she went over things made me look at them in a different perspective. I definitely think I will benefit in my sales from this class. I’m excited for 201 and to learn more from her.
- Samatha Strace
Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help the other day. Improvement was made the first week… Again I want to THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! —Marisa Abreu Bank Center Manage
- Marisa Abreu
Bank Center Manager

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