The Heart-Centered Sales Leader, where I focus on Beyond the Bottom Line. Creating true success in sales is creating real solutions for your clients. Product knowledge is great but relationships, and understanding your client’s goals will help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to anticipate their future needs and troubleshoot any potential problems. This means listening and focusing on the person you are working with, even if it’s on zoom. The Heart-Centered Sales Leader will help you tighten the gap between you and  your customers or prospects.

And the Enlightenment of Change, because, who among us can define ourselves with just one word? Today people often rattle off their personal information like a grocery list. Mom, entrepreneur, event planner, athlete, Dad, sports enthusiast, corporate officer and author. Wearing multiple hats isn’t easy, finding the right attitude, balance of work and play, and real systems to bring it all together is essential for success

What People Are Saying About Connie and the Show

Connie is never condescending on her show.  She discovers her guests from a “joyful discovery” perspective.  It is so refreshing.

Connie is so easy to listen to!  Relatable , easy to understand and believable!  It’s a great show!

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