Customer Service Workshop – Part 1 of 3

Welcome to part 1 of our 3 part series that helps you take a deeper look into how your customer service stacks up.  In what areas do you excel?  Where do you think you can improve?  Feel free to leave comments below or start a conversation on our Facebook page.  The more input and conversation, the more everyone benefits!

_______ 1.   Define Customer – Customers are people who buy and use the products you sell and/or the services you provide.  Who are your customers?  How many groups or categories of customers do you have?

_______ 2.   Accept Responsibility – The truest form of superior customer service starts with the individual’s acceptance of personal responsibility.  How willing are you to serve your customer?  How will you exhibit personal responsibility?

_______ 3.   Know Your Customer – It’s imperative that you really know your customers – who they are and what’s important to them.  How well do you know yours?  How can you get to know them better?

_______ 4.   Offer Personalized Attention – People enjoy being treated as individuals with very personal needs and unique situations.  How can you offer your customers more personalized attention?

_______ 5.   Take the Customer’s Point of View – Be a customer and see what it’s like!  How will you take the customer’s point of view?

_______ 6.   Check for Understanding – Understand what your customer is saying by checking to make sure.  Paraphrase back what you think you heard and see if you are right.  When are important times for you to check for understanding?

_______ 7.   Make Customers Feel Special – Everybody likes to feel special.  And all people are special – unique, unusual individuals with their own wants, needs and ideas.  How can you make your customer feel special?

      _______ 8.   Take the Initiative – Be proactive – take the initiative!  Be on the lookout for customer service opportunities.  Speak up when customer looks concerned.  Catch problems early on.  What else can you do to take the initiative?

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