Stuck in Sales Limbo? How to get unstuck in the world of sales!

Written by guest blogger, Stacey Kavanagh Every sales person has a time when they are stuck in sales purgatory. Deals are moving at a crawl or worse, not flowing at all. You cannot understand because you are using all of … Read More

The Single Biggest Mistake My Employees Can Make

This is really great – company culture, employee interaction – the chemistry between the team that is buying into your mission is projected to your customers, vendors, etc…and ultimately contributes to the results and success of your company. Let’s cut … Read More

Constructive Feedback vs. Constructive Criticism

Recently, I have been doing Field Coaching with clients.  I sit in on a live coaching session and then critique the coach, in order to improve their coaching skills.  The managers I have coached accept the constructive feedback easily.  The … Read More

Gordon Ramsay’s Lessons for Motivating a Sales Team

I absolutely love his shows, his restaurants, and his overall personality.  Gordon Ramsey is an amazing motivator, who is you can see through the tough exterior, has a great heart…and great intentions.  Here is a wonderful article I came across … Read More

People Buy ‘Why’ You Do It

One of my favorite Ted Talks presented by Simon Sinek.  What a simple thing to remember, but something that will change your mindset in how you present yourself and your business!  “People don’t buy what you do…they buy ‘why’ you … Read More

Without This Skill You Won’t Succeed

If you’re not IN sales, there’s a good chance you cringe at the thought of working on your ‘sales skills’.  Sure selling for a profession is not for everyone…it doesn’t ignite a fire under all of us.  However, there is … Read More

What is DiSC Communication Skills?

DiSC is the four quadrant behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 – 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. DISC looks at behavioral styles and behavioral … Read More

Layers That Affect Communication

One of my favorite topics to teach is improving communication skills, both in our professional and personal lives.  There are so many layers to discuss when we talk about this topic.  Here are six layers, which I think are important … Read More