The Magic Of The Universe

My family and I just returned from our one week vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ.  The weather was perfect, the ocean water was warm and the waves were awesome!  This is the first year my husband and I agreed to let our 15 and 12 year old boys bring a friend down the shore for the entire week.  The only stipulation was that my husband and I had to agree on their friend choice before they sent out the invitation.  Well I am happy to report that the friends they chose were amazing kids and we all had a wonderful, relaxing time together.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well on the way home our 13 year old van broke down in Barnegat at mile marker 73.  We had the van towed home and the mechanic informed us the next day that the engine was dead, couldn’t be fixed or salvaged and now we were in need of immediately having to purchase another car.  Like most of us today, in this economy, the thought of a car payment was downright painful.  As a matter of fact for the next two days, I felt sick to my stomach with the thought of having another monthly commitment to our already full financial plate!

In my live classes, I always speak about the universe and how it provides all we need over and over again.  Well it is true yet again!  Three days before the van engine blew (I am being very theatrical here!) my cousin had sent out a group email that she and her husband were selling their 10 year old SUV with only 70,000 miles on it for $10,000.  It was never in an accident and they are diligent with oil changes and overall car maintenance.  When I first received the email, I didn’t think much about it because we had two very reliable cars (what a laugh, huh?).

When the van died, I immediately said to my husband, “My cousin’s car is the solution to situation and a way to have a small car payment for a year or two and get a reliable used car versus buying a new car with a higher payment.  He said that he thought a 10 year old car was too old and that we should buy a new or a 2 year old used car.  After a stressful week of car searching; the conclusion was obvious.  Yes, we bought my cousins SVU and have a very small car payment.

The moral of my story…  I believe that the universe knew that our van was going to die and that we do not like debt.  So it set everything into motion before the van ever died.  One last interesting point, my cousin tried to put the SVU on Craig’s List, since no one seemed interested in buying it.  They had trouble uploading pictures, that same Sunday, when our van died on the Garden State Parkway.  What do you think?  Do you think it was the universe at work?  Do you think it was just dumb luck?  I believe and always have faith that the universe will provide for me, if I keep an open mind, believe and trust that the universe feels my positive vibration.

What do you choose to think?  I am interested, so please write, comment and like this article so I know if you all think I am crazy or if you think I may be on to something.

I am going to do a series of articles on this same topic.  The series will give action steps and ways for you to connect with the universe and attract all that you desire.  Stay tuned!

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