Targeting Prospective Clients Better

Targeting prospective clients is a key strategy to ensure your continual growth in sales. While maintaining your clientbase, targeting potential clients allows you to survey your market. Assess where you can adjust your reach to your prospective clients, and learn how to attract ideal prospects with targeted marketing and incentives. The following tips will help you with targeting prospective clients more effectively.


First Assess Your Current Clients

Recognize that your clients are a window into your potential. With every interaction, both good or bad, you have a continual case study at your fingertips. Use what you’ve learned to frame the processes and needs of your ideal clients. Notice what is working in this business relationship, and what aspects have caused strain on either party. You can take this a step further by implementing a survey into your workflow with each client. This will provide you with concrete measurable that will help you to better target prospective customers in the future.


Learn From Your Peers

When developing stronger relationships with other businesses in your field, consider doing research on what is working for them. By following other peers, you discover tips and tricks for best business practices that have helped them attract the right clients. No two businesses are alike, and by no means are you expected to put these tips into practice. Instead, gather research and test out different things to find what works best for you and your business. Remain open to hearing the experiences of others and learn from their successes and setbacks.

Maybe you don’t have an ideal peer to spill the beans on the do’s and don’ts for your field. There’s a solution for that! Research your biggest competitors and see what is working for them. You might even want to inquire in their business, to experience their operations from the customer’s perspective. You can learn a lot about what is working, and what could work for you and your business.


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Target Your Marketing

In the age of SEO tools and analytics, it is imperative that you incorporate targeted ad campaigns to maximize your reach and targeting prospective clients. You could continue with traditional marketing strategies, like print and commercial marketing. But in this era, the largest captive audience is connected to a device. Without traveling far, your unique message can be in the hands of endless people, with a touch of a button. Maximize it. In order to target your prospects well, you need to know the identity of your ideal client. Know your market and frame your sponsored materials accordingly.

This is directly connected to your communication channels. Your marketing agency comes in the form of Instagram, Facebook and Email. Make sure these channels are covered, both with consistent output and engaging input. You will learn more about what people really need in your DMs than in any survey you offer! That’s not to say don’t survey, but know the type of feedback you receive from each platform. A survey is applicable for existing clients, whereas social media and direct messaging gives you a lens into what people are looking for in a business. Maximize this resource to strategize your offerings. This is where social media becomes more than a broadcast service, but a two-way communication channel. You have the ability to send information out, listen and engage with those that choose to interact with you.


The Power of a Good Incentive

Notice your natural response to words like:

  • Free
  • Gift
  • Offer
  • Reward
  • Bonus

There is no denying the power of a good incentive. The way you can better target prospects comes in giving the people what they need. Identify what resources are valuable to your ideal audience, and deliver incentives made easily available for interested parties. Whether it is a training session, webinar, resource blog or toolkit, these resources become the first point of connection with a new database of potential clients. And once you grow your inquiry base, you have the ability to sift through to find that 10% who are ready to become your next paid clients. It may seem like you are giving away the goods for free, but the more generous you are with your offerings, the more secure you become with the true value of your services. Let as many people as possible into the tasting room, and allow the funnel to identify your ideal prospects.

Incorporating these methods into your practices will give you a head start toward better targeting prospects. Keep connecting to your current clients and network of business affiliates. Utilize every channel of communication to gain access to what your potential clients are looking for. And provide the right incentives to your wide audience to find the right audience for your business. When this process becomes a part of your business flow, you are bound to increase the success of your reach.


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