Staying Motivated While Selling

Have you been finding it hard staying motivated while selling lately? We are definitely living in a different time these days. There are more uncertainties now than, even felt a few months ago, at the turn of the decade. For businesses everywhere, the influx of change has provided an opportunity for us to adapt in everything we do. And while we can adjust our methods, rearrange our products and re-calibrate our next moves, we must remember to motivate ourselves, and our teams to ensure we build momentum.


Revisit your WHY

Why are you doing what you are doing? When assessing our motivation, the first thing we must do is clarify the vision. If your primary goal is clear, your direction will be set. Take the time to articulate your vision and determine if the mark has changed. When the vision is clear, begin to itemize your measureable wins. These wins become your navigation toward the vision and will catapult you into momentum.


These practicals set you up for the hard part: self-work. The number one reason motivation is difficult in sales is the challenge of motivating yourself to do it. The “WHY” is your anchor to find the inner drive to pursue your goals. It becomes the landmark of your success.


Develop a Daily Routine

With whatever you do, it is imperative that you develop a consistent rhythm to your life. This isn’t about monotony, but about discipline. When discipline is modeled in everything that you do, it increases the output of productivity in what you do. Your routine will create a cadence that becomes dependable in every season. So that, even in hard times, your cadence is the constant.


Follow Your Role Models on Instagram

At every stage of life, it’s important that you are both obtaining and giving knowledge. Your daily motivation can come from what’s trending, or you can curate who and what has license to influence you. Social media is an instant masterclass to every field. When seen through that lens, you must consider what school you’ve been attending. There is nothing wrong with funny memes and cat videos, but recognize the plethora of influence your role models can provide for you, to keep you energized and motivated to go after it.


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Revisit Your Successes

It may seem crass to frame your motivation by your prior successes, but remember the euphoria that came in those moments or seasons. Regardless of your current circumstances, how might you manifest that intention into your work today? Sometimes it simply takes a walk down memory lane to remind you of what accomplishment feels like.


Reward Yourself Along the Way

Don’t wait until the marathon is over to replenish with water. It’s important you remember that sales is not a sprint. Your success is primarily correlated to your endurance race. Who can stick with it until the end? If you know you are starting to lose heart on the mission, segment the finish line. Determine incentives for each step of the race to accelerate your productivity and motivation. Remember this when your teams begin to slow down too. If you have to trick yourself into motivation, your team only can reflect what you project.


Extend Your Reach

When all other motivation tools fail you, remember who can lift you up. Collaborate with your network of peers and associates. Be open to strategize and troubleshoot new approaches to what you are trying to accomplish. Shifting the power dynamic and allowing others into the engine room, will only breathe life into your work.


This is Not the End

The work doesn’t end here, it only begins. Take these tools and begin to apply them in every season. When you remember from where you have come, you will be driven toward the goal of where you intend to go. In this reset season, get equipped for what’s next. And don’t forget, that we are all navigating this new ground together.


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