Personal Goal Setting & Results – Part 3

On to part 3 of my 4 part blog series.  Need to backtrack a little?  …refresh your memory with Part 2 here.

Four things we are going to discuss over the next four-week series: 

  1. Practice the Fundamentals of Goal Success – 10 Goal Related “Fundamentals
  2. Planning Your Way to Goal Success
  3. Implementing Your Way to Goal Success
  4. Managing Your Way to Goal Success


Goal Setting Part III – Implementation:


Last week we thought about how to Plan Your Way to Goal Success.  Now we are ready to look at the third thing to think about with goal setting and results.

III.  Implement Your Way to Success – A good plan not only gets you in the door but it’s the ACTION that seals the deal.

11 Practical Techniques for Implementing Your Action Plan: 

  1. Act like a leader – Act like a leader regardless of your job title.  Goal attainment and leadership go hand in hand.
  2. Go the extra mile – Do more than what’s required!  What’s the difference between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives merely following?  The extra mile!
  3. Implement now and perfect later – Holding off or falling prey to the “paralysis of analysis” misses opportunities.  Keep in mind that there is never really the perfect time.
  4. Think “deadlines” – Without clear deadlines, its way too easy to let important goals become unfulfilled good intentions.  Realistic deadlines are healthy and positive.  They keep you focused; they promote accountability; they help ensure that things get done.
  5. Focus, Focus, Focus – A decision to achieve a goal is not made just once, it happens continuously.  Ongoing success requires a focused commitment of energy and attention.
  6. Adjust your priorities – Like most of us, we have more work to do than the actual time we have available.  We juggle multiple goals simultaneously, while trying to keep up with our normal daily tasks.  So 1) you can’t do everything, and 2) Not everything on your plate is of equal importance.    We need to adjust priorities and keep the most important goals on the very top of your “to do” list.”
  7. Keep moving – A winning attitude is one of movement and progress, not digging-in and holding ground.  Digging-in makes you feel safe but that makes you a stationary target.  Remember, action is more preferable and powerful than inaction.



 8. Keep planning – As you move forward with your written plan, two facts of life become evident.  Things change, and “stuff” happens. That is why planning is an on-going process.  It has to be done, analyzed, re-done, evaluated and then done again!

 9. Be unreasonable – Stay uncompromising in areas that permit no compromise.  Examples like quality, ethics and customer service.  Set the bar high and challenge yourself.  Once outside your comfort zone, growth really begins to occur. 

10. Watch your language – Everything that comes out of your mouth should exemplify confidence.  Would you rather deal with someone who says, “I’ll try to get it done,” or “You can count on me to make it happen.”  Phrases you should say and think:

  1. “I can!  I will!
  2. I choose to do this!
  3. I am responsible!
  4. I’m up for the challenge!
  5. We can make this happen!
  6. You can count on me!
  7. Consider it done!
  8. I’m committed to making this work!
  9. You’ve come to the right person!
  10. Let’s get started!”

11. Make sure everyone’s on-board – Other people may be needed in helping you achieve your goals.  Either you have to get “approval” from someone higher up; “advice” from trusted associates to evaluate your goals and plans; and “assistance” or help from others with their time, effort and activities.  In other words, make sure your ducks are in a row.

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