Personal Goal Setting & Results – Part 1

In case you missed the introduction to this 4 part blog series, you can catch up here.  Below is a quick review on the 4 parts that we will cover…

Four things we are going to discuss over the next four-week series: 

  1. Practice the Fundamentals of Goal Success – 10 Goal Related “Fundamentals
  2. Planning Your Way to Goal Success
  3. Implementing Your Way to Goal Success
  4. Managing Your Way to Goal Success


Goal Setting Part I – Fundamentals:

 I.              Practice the Fundamentals – We don’t know what we don’t know which can hurt us or limit our ability to be able to succeed.

Understand the Definition of a “Goal” – A goal is a desired end toward which you direct specific effort or the exact tangible result you want and one of which you are willing to invest “sweat equity” or effort to achieve.

Three Elements of a Goal are:

  1. The accomplishment to be achieved;
  2. It has a measurable outcome;
  3. There is a specific date and time by which to accomplish the goal.

Without these three elements you have a dream, a hope and maybe good intentions that will probably not happen.

Develop a Vision or Dream – Form that clear mental picture of the end result you are seeking.  Picture it in your mind. See it…feel it…keep that image in the front of your mind.


NOTE:  A goal is created three times…  1.  As a mental picture; 2.  When written down to add clarity and dimension; 3.  When you take action towards its achievement.


Accept Your Power of Choice – Every choice you make counts, either leading you toward or away from your goals.


NOTE:  What separates successful people from the rest are the goals they choose to pursue and the commitment they choose to apply.








Practice the Fundamentals


Respect Reality – Reality check…things will not always be the way you want them to be.  It’s the way things are.  Take these 6 things into account to keep it real:

  1. Is the goal attainable and desirable?
  2. Is the timetable realistic and doable?
  3. Is it in-sync with your organizations mission, vision and values?
  4. Are the resources you need available or acquirable?
  5. Do you and others, currently have the skills, ability and experience required to get it done?
  6. Are you truly committed to putting out the effort to be successful?


Make Everything Count – Every thought, decision, and action moves you closer to or further from you goal.


Ask yourself “How am I doing?” as often as possible. Listening to your own speech, looking at your actions, examining your own personal and professional habits are all ways to manage yourself and add value.


Allow for Spontaneity – be receptive to changes in circumstances and seize opportunities when they present themselves.

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