Keep Your Team Motivated

It’s GO time, and you need to keep your team motivated! In times of uncertainty, persistence and resilience become the core of your leadership model. It is easy to motivate your team when business is booming. But how might you continue to motivate your team, when the outcome doesn’t appear as promising? For this we must remember what gets us up in the morning, to do the work that we believe in.


Keep Your Eye On The Prize

In Staying Motivated While Selling, we looked at the keys to motivating yourself. These truths continue to apply for your teams as well. The only difference is, you become the coach to that inspiration. Tools like, revisiting the why: It is imperative that your team knows the mission behind their work. As business leaders, we must reiterate the purpose behind the work on a frequent basis. When things get hard, it is a lot easier to forget the significance of your services and the solutions you are providing to your clients. Keep the mission at the forefront of everything that you do, and your team will follow.


If you find that your team continues to run into the same hindrances, sometimes it is the goal that needs to be readjusted. As a leader, taking the time to assess the goal will assure your team that you are moving together. And give you strategy on how to proceed. This is the time for transformation and renovation. Reset your markers of success and prepare for a strong relaunch.


Consistent Cadence 

With the influx of Work-From-Home conditions, it is not surprising that your teams might be out of their normal routine. One of the ways you can help shape that rhythm within your team is to carry over key disciplines into your working relationships. That could be as simple as Wednesday Lunch calls or recurring weekly check-ins. The importance of developing a consistent cadence, keeps the pace of productivity flowing collectively.


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Celebrate Accomplishments

Especially when working remotely, it becomes more and more challenging to assess successes. And as a business leader, it becomes even more common to fall into micro-managing team members, making sure they are doing the work. Rather than fall into the security trap of counting the quantity of work, focus on acknowledging the quality of work within your team. When the desired outcome is achieved, you set the tone of your team’s expectations by celebrating their accomplishments. Your recognition only encourages that behavior in all of your team, and continues to motivate them toward the desired goal.


Make a Difference

Connect your efforts to a cause that compels your team to work for something outside of themselves. Partner with an initiative that provides services to those in need. When you can’t find the inspiration from within, seek outside motivation to give you fuel to continue. Donate 5% from your sales campaign to a food shelter. Name an honorary non-profit contribution after your top-selling salesperson. Find ways to integrate your business into compassionate initiatives that stimulate your team into making a difference. This shifts the dynamic of your teams into forward-motion and serves all parties involved.


Motivation is first a personal decision. It is important to remember, that without making the conscious decision to accomplish your set goals, lack of motivation can easily be the unraveling of a productive system. As business leaders, it is essential that motivation is stimulated from within yourself first, before it can be an expectation on your team. So do the work and stay motivated, so that you can continue to motivate your team. The motivation partnership between you and your team will only produce a positive work environment and a great business outcome.


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