Cold Calling…ewwww!

Like most of us business people and sales professionals, you probably cringe at the thought of cold calling.  Unfortunately it does need to be part of your arsenal to have an effective sales campaign.  All the pieces need to be there AND executed well to progress and grow your business.

Why does cold calling generally bring up such a feeling of dread and paralysis in us?  Why would we rather find anything else in the world to do instead of executing a few calls?  Of course none of us like rejection, but you’d think getting rejected over the phone vs. in-person is much more appealing.

I think, like anything else in the business world, fear is a product of not being well prepared.  I’m not a huge fan of scripts, but when it comes to a call, it’s just like a presentation….undestand your objective and map out how you plan on getting from point A to point B.  Then, PRACTICE.

Here are few quick points of my own in getting started, below that is a link to a great article on with a ton of resources to help in refining your own skills.

* Know what your objective for the call is and get to it quickly.
* Be natural & genuine (not overly cheery & excited)
* Be conversational (ask questions, allow them to engage)
* Be clear & to the point with everything (don’t ramble)

Here’s that great article I was talking about…check it out!

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