10 Quick Tips to Get Motivated

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Need a quick boost in your motivation? Know what you want but can’t seem to get there? Try out these quick and easy tips for the answer to your motivation problems.

1. One Word Goal
Compress one of your goals into one word. This will help you to keep it simple and powerful at the same time. For example, if you are trying to train for a 20 mile marathon, you could use the word ‘marathon’ to stand for every step of the process that is involved.

This includes strength training, endurance, a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Instead of having too many focuses, that one word sums them up and gives you the kick you need.

2. Pick Something New
If you are having trouble getting started with one of the goals on your list of changes, try giving it a break and bringing the next one up on your list. You may find that the first item wasn’t really something you desired, or that you simply needed a break.

3. Picture This
Among the most powerful motivators is visualization. It’s fast, easy, and free. All you have to do is close your eyes and see what you want to see. The better and more enticing you make the picture, the easier it will be to get motivated.

When visualizing, choose a quiet place that is free of distraction. Let others around you know that you will need ten to fifteen minutes to yourself. Once everything is in place, close your eyes and visualize.

4. Just Start
Sounds simple, and it is. Too much thought can make matters worse. Instead of trying to create the perfect plan, or make sure every detail is in place, just start.

If you are putting something off that has to be done, you may find that after a while it isn’t so bad. It’s like rolling a giant boulder down a hill; the hard part is in getting it going, the rest of the way down is much easier.

5. Learn from Other People
The more you know about people and the world around you, the more you will be motivated. This can take on many different looks. You could learn about an inspiring neighbor who beat all the odds and accomplished a lifelong dream.

You could also learn that the life of a close friend is much more difficult than yours. This gives you an opportunity to help your friend and put things into perspective in your own life.

6. Coach Someone
When you help someone to do something, you really figure out how to do it yourself. Look for an opportunity to coach and motivate another person. You could help your son or daughter with their homework or sports, or help a friend with a goal they have.

After spending time with them and learning what works well and what doesn’t, you’ll have a much better understanding of what will motivate you to action….

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