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Why Enlightenment of Change Radio Show?

Life – a series of decisions, relationships and learning. Have you ever tried something new and thought, “what took me so long to do this?” Change, progress and enlightenment are always the backdrop in our life’s landscape. On Enlightenment of Change, you’ll hear cutting edge techniques and solutions to bring what really matters to the forefront in your, professional and personal, day-to-day life. From feeling good, to feeling great and how to cope when things are not going so well. Enlightenment of Change is your go-to resource for all things forward. Hop on board – you’re going to enjoy the ride!

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Enlightenment of Change Podcast. We are looking for interesting and inspiring Guest Speakers for our weekly Podcast. 

Do you have something empowering, informative, life-changing to share with our audience? 

Are you an expert in your field with great knowledge for business growth? 

Do you have a story that can shift business owners, industry leaders and organizations into action? 

If you answered “YES “ to these questions, you might be the perfect guest.

Target Listeners:

Men and women leaders, business owners, and sales people who have strong aspirations to create sustainable change in their lives to become the best version of themselves.

Our audience is interested in thought provoking content that can be implemented immediately after listening to our shows to change some aspect in their personal or professional life.

Ideal Guests:

Anyone who runs a business, makes a living using their creativity and innovation, or has valuable advice for someone who is trying to monetise their super powers into a business opportunity. 

Included, but certainly not limited to: Authors, TV personalities, Small Business Owner with an Innovative product or service, Business Coaches, Industry Leaders and Productivity Experts.

Interview Information:

Episodes typically run between 30-40 minutes,  although you should allow 50 minutes in your schedule so we can have a proper hello and good bye. 

We video record the show using Skype.   At the end of each episode, we will share your website, contact information, free offers or lead magnet, which I am happy to link to in the show notes.


Please complete the information below.  We will use the information provided to determine whether the proposed topic or story line is a fit for the Enlightenment of Change audience. Please note that the stories we tell are business and personal in nature. Your story and content should provide value to a business owner, or leadership lifestyle.

We look forward to learning about your experiences and content. Know of someone you think would be a great candidate for the podcast? Please share this link with them!

If you are selected to be a guest, I will send you a link to my podcasting guest information sheet along with a link to our scheduling tool where you can choose the best day/time for us to record your session.  

Apply Now

Provide 8 Questions we can use to have a back and forth conversation during the interview.

We use Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, and LinkedIn to promote our podcast (and of course, our guests as well). If applicable, please share your social media handles.

Interview Consent & Release:
Without expectation of compensation or other remuneration, now or in the future, I hereby give my consent to Connie Whitman and Enlightenment of Change Podcast, its affiliates and agents, to use my still and/or video image and likeness and any interview content from me in its publications, advertising or other media activities (including the Internet). This consent includes, but is not limited to: (a) Permission to interview, film, photograph, tape, or otherwise make a video reproduction of me and/or record my voice; (b) Permission to use my name; and (c) Permission to use quotes from the interview(s) (or excerpts of such quotes), the film, photograph(s), tape(s) or reproduction(s) of me, and/or recording of my voice, in part or in whole, in its publications, in newspapers, magazines and other print media, on television, radio and electronic media (including the Internet), and/or in mailings for educational purposes and awareness. This consent is given in perpetuity, and does not require prior approval by me. .

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What People Are Saying About Connie and the Show

Connie is never condescending on her show.  She discovers her guests from a “joyful discovery” perspective.  It is so refreshing.

Connie is so easy to listen to!  Relatable , easy to understand and believable!  It’s a great show!