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Is Your 30 Second Introduction
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Your 30-second Introduction Review is Connie’s proven method for creating strong, personal and effective introductions that make people want more.

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Success Stories

Growth Through Imagination

First off, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts with my region’s training over the past 2 days. The sessions were dynamic, energized, fun for all, and informative. I believe the participants took away a lot of valuable skills and resources from the training. Many thanks.
- Al Giobbie
Regional Manager
I had a great time. It was fun, informative and full of energy. I feel I am ready to execute my sales plan with a better understanding of going out there and having a good profile on my prospect and most of all being prepared. Thanks so much.
- Sarah Mancinelli
I have to say that you made the class more enjoyable than I would have ever imagined. I went into the course with doubts of my ability and confidence, and came out with an increased comfort level. You made me feel like I could do this! Your style is wonderful…don’t ever change!
Here at The Guilford Savings Bank, we are always looking for ways to enhance and grow our sales and service skills. I believe that anyone looking to re-enforce and/or grow their current skills level would greatly benefit from your course. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in future training courses with you
- Monica Gallo
Manager, The Guilford Savings Bank
I LOVED the class! I learned a lot from Connie. She is awesome, the class is awesome. The way she went over things made me look at them in a different perspective. I definitely think I will benefit in my sales from this class. I’m excited for 201 and to learn more from her.
- Samatha Strace
Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help the other day. Improvement was made the first week… Again I want to THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! —Marisa Abreu Bank Center Manage
- Marisa Abreu
Bank Center Manager