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Interview with Connie Whitman on sales success.

Whitman & Associates’ goal is to build a relationship with you and teach the members of your sales force the philosophy and importance of relationship-based selling skills.


What Makes Whitman & Associates Special?


We Look at the End Result and Work Backwards

We look at the end result and back into the most cost effective game plan customized to fit your budget and build on your established sales and service culture.

We Walk in Your Shoes First for Proper Delivery

We put ourselves in your sales’ team shoes to see what your message is and how you need to deliver the topics. We change our delivery, on the spot, based on the needs of each classroom setting. With over 27 years in sales and sales management we have learned how to shift gears in order to deliver the information at the appropriate level.

We provide Semi to Complete Customization

Our firm customizes all of our recommendations based on your sales and service culture. We do not duplicate training or other sales/service initiatives that have been delivered. We will provide the level of customization that is appropriate for your organization.

Our Philosophies for Success

Some of our philosophies about the overall training experience:

  • A skill or new behavior is presented in a lecture format. Then hands on exercises are implemented to allow application and visualization of those skills in real life sales and service situations with clients.
  • If the participants are awake and having fun, they will learn, and more importantly, will actually feel comfortable in the future to use the skills learned.
  • Our manuals are a resource for your sales teams once back in the field. This resource is very detailed with additional information that builds on topics discussed in the classroom. We do not just provide copies of the Power Point slide show as the take home material from a training session.
  • Our most important philosophy is that the real learning begins once each participant re-enters the field. This is where he or she tries out the new skills and behaviors in real life situations. We partner with your organization to build the proper infrastructure to support these skills and behaviors.

We Partner with You Until Your Long Term Goals Are Achieved

Our team can partner with your organization to establish a Leveled Evaluation (1 – 4) Process to ensure the learning sticks after the investment of time and money has been made. Some examples of evaluation tools include: focus group meetings, pre-testing to establish accurate benchmarks of various skills, customized sales audits to measure behaviors expected, customized mystery shops, follow-up testing and surveys, analysis, review and reports to measure Return on Investment (ROI).

Whitman & Associates is able to provide full service consultation, training and development seminars whether your topic area is large or small. Using our own customized initial needs analysis process we are able to uncover the perfect plan for your organizational needs. We look forward to partnering with you on your future sales and service endeavors and help bring your business objectives to life!

Connie has the plans to help you reach your goals!

  • Growing your business.
  • Personal development.
  • Work / life balance.

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